Rapid Deployment System 

The New Offering from ULTRALITE CCW 

This minimalist holster is secured to a belt, belt loop, or zipper pull 
lvia the 550 cord tether. 
The pistol and holster are then tucked int the waist line, pocket, purse, or ? and drawn using your natural drawing motion - 4 point draw, or bowl . 

Unlike similar minimalist holsters, the ULTRALITE RDS covers the trigger and the controls rendering them safe until the pistol is drawn. 
Heres how its works: The empty pistol is loaded into the RDS holster from the top, pushed down into place, then the magazine is inserted into the pistol, the slide is then drawn back loading the pistol - all with out ever exposing the trigger!

Cost $25.00 plus shipping 

Currently available for:
Glock 9, 40, and 45's
Glock 42 and 43
S&W Body Guard
S&W Shield
S&W 645
 Khar PM9
Springfield XDS and XDM
Ruger LCP, LC9 and LCR
Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat
Keltec 3AT and PF9
Browning Hi Power
Sig 938
HK USP Compact
Walther P22

Feel free to contact me if you do not see your pistol on this list as I am adding new models frequently. 
Please specify your make and model when ordering a RDS holster


are now for sale at 


2075 NE HWY 20

BEND, OR. 97701

I currently offer these holsters for Glock 9/40 frames (universal) , Glock 42,  43 and 30, S&W, J frame, 3" N frame, Bodyguard, Shield and full size M&P, Kahar PM9, 1911 Gov't and 1911 compact (Officers), XDS 3.3 and 4.0, Ruger LCP, LC9 and LCR, Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat, Keltec 3AT and PF9, Browning Hi Power, SIG 938, H&K USP Compact, Makarov, and Tokarev pistols, North American Arms standard .22 and .22 mag mini revolvers

Please note that these holsters are for standard pistols without lights or lasers. Custom holsters made by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


PHONE: 541-678-3503       E-MAIL: kegson8@hotmail.com 

Practical THIN concealed carry IWB holsters

"Specialized clam-shell holsters made with a .09" Kydex face plate and  a .06 Kydex  back plate - molded to the specific firearm - no straps, snaps, or buttons.

. Discrete . Secure . Safe . 

  ( Belt anchor can be ordered at a custom length to accommodate non standard belts at a slight additional cost .)

Please note, ULTRALITE CCW holsters are made one at  time BY HAND and may have slight variations is appearance from the models shown

ULTRALITE CCW holsters are intended only for firearms in proper working order and to be used by persons who are legally licensed to carry concealed firearms. 

Please use common sense when carrying any firearm. Obey all Federal, State and local laws and above all observe all safety protocols. I assume no responsibility for damage or injury for unsafe or  irresponsible acts. Remember folks, these are firearms, not toys.

  Patent Pending